What happens if bad weather is forecast?

If it's raining we'll still be out there.  What's a bit of water when you'll be getting wet anyway!  However if exceptionally high winds are forecast we may be forced to cancel your booking.  Our Head Coach, James, will make the final decision on this based on predicted weather forecasts.  We will give you as much notice as possible and of course refund any money already paid.

Is Exewake Ltd insured?

Exewake Ltd has appropriate insurance in place including Public liability insurance of up to £5,000,000.

Are Exewake staff qualified? 

All our staff are fully qualified and have passed the relevant courses in order to competently carry out their jobs.  We are audited by British Water Ski and Wakeboard organisation and only gain accreditation after demonstrating this.


Yes.  Everyone who comes aboard an Exewake Rib boat or the Exewake barge will be given a life jacket and asked to wear it at all times.   


We can accommodate non swimmers however it's important that everyone who comes along is comfortable with the idea of being in the water with a life jacket on.  If you are a non swimmer and decide to come please let our team know at the time of booking and make yourself known on the day itself. 

What should i bring on the day?

You will need to bring swimming kit and a towel.  If you have your own wetsuit and wakeboard / waterskis feel free to bring them too. When the weather is hot and sunny we also recommend bringing a hat and suntan lotion.   

Is it safe to bring valuables?

What ever you bring to the barge is your own responsibility.   Many people want to bring along mobile phones and cameras in order to take photographs and this is fine as long as you remember to hold on to them tightly.